Service Policy

Most in house services are included in the base monthly fee.  Many guests will not require additional services.  An additional fee may be charged if the guest requires care beyond the scope of the services included in the base monthly fee.  This policy keeps the regular base monthly fee low while providing for the needs of those persons that require additional care. 

We work with other community organizations and providers to assure that all the needs of the guest are met.  If payment for additional services provided by the home is financially impossible, there will be no charge.

Services Included in the Base Monthly Fee

  • A furnished room either private or two person semi-private including utilities.
  • Three meals daily plus afternoon and evening snacks.  The house menu can accommodate most prescribed diets including soft, diabetic, and low salt diets.  Room service is provided for a guest with a temporarily illness.
  • Medication supervision including dispensing of medication and coordinating the ordering of medication from the designated house pharmacy. 
  • Continuous Care Coordination between doctors, hospitals, pharmacy, and other providers to assure that the needs of the guests are met.  This requires extensive record keeping. 
  • Personal laundry - Wash and wear, two loads per week.
  • Towel and linen service.
  • Maid services - weekly bedroom cleaning.
  • Supervision of the tasks of daily living such as making appointments.
  • Monitoring the guest appearance so they maintain a high standard of personal hygiene.  This includes reminding the guest to bathe, shave, change clothing, and maintain an acceptable appearance. 
  • Most in house activities
  • Basic supervision to maintain an orderly living situation for all guests of the home. 
  • Regularly scheduled transportation to shopping and local points of interest, a minimum of three times per week is provided without charge.  Limited space is available. 
  • All usual house services not separately charged.  The base monthly fee includes an extra fee for ordinary services not outlined herein or individually charged.  This extra fee is defined as the difference between the base monthly fee less the current SSI amount plus the current boarding home supplement amount less the mandated spending allowance required. 
  • All state mandated services not separately charged.

Services That May Require an Additional Fee

*In most cases no additional fees are required

  • Room - A fee will be charged to any guest occupying a two person semi-private room if that guest purposefully and willfully creates a situation where occupancy of the room by another guest is impaired.  The guest will be charged the private room rate.
  • Meals - A food purchase and preparation fee will be charged if the guest requires specially prepared food that cannot be accommodated by an adjustment of the usual house menu. 
  • Medication Supervision - A fee may be charged for medication supervision if the guest requires that his medication be purchased from a non-designated house pharmacy.  The packaging of the pills must conform to the dispensing method used by Penn Assisted Care; otherwise a fee may be imposed.  If Penn Assisted Care is required to pick-up medication from a non-house pharmacy a fee may be charged.
  • Personal Laundry - A fee will be charged to wash and dry personal laundry in excess of two household type loads per week.  If special care is required for laundry such as ironing or dry cleaning a fee will be charged.   
  • Towels & Linens - If the guest requires additional linens due to preference or incontinence an additional fee will be charged.
  • Maid Services - All guests are expected to maintain a neat, clean and orderly bedroom, including making their bed daily.  A cleaning fee may be imposed if the guest is incontinent, excessively untidy, or does not manage his personal possessions, including food, in an orderly and healthy manner.
  • Personal Hygiene - Penn Assisted Care will assist a guest with their personal hygiene as required.  A personal care package will be developed to meet the personal hygiene needs of the guest.  These services may include assistance with bathing, shaving, grooming, dressing, finger and toe nail management when special medical attention is not required.  A fee will be charged accordingly. 
  • Special Medical Needs - Penn Assisted Care will assist a guest with special medical needs provided that we are competent to provide such care.  Examples of such medical needs would be diabetic management that requires frequent monitoring; wound care and bandage changing, application of skin cream, colostomy management, assistance with enemas and topical medications, and assistance with medical devices.
  •  Drugs and Alcohol - Illegal drugs are forbidden.  Alcohol is not allowed in the common areas and guest bedrooms.  All alcohol consumption must be approved by the administrator and by a physician in advance.  Penn Assisted Care may allow the storage of alcohol in controlled areas and will supervise its distribution.  Drunkenness on the premises will not be tolerated and may result in a fee being charged if such behavior involves excessive staff time or is frequent in nature.
  • Smoking is allowed in the designated smoking room only.  It is not allowed in the building or on the deck area.  A cleaning fee will be imposed if the guest continues to smoke in a non-designated smoking area.  If smoking in a non-designated smoking area causes the activation of the fire alarm or sprinkler system or causes a fire within the home, the guest will be liable for all charges and damages to the home. 

Televisions and Appliances

Televisions are allowed in the guest bedrooms.  The guest must pay for all cable fees.  Only flat screen televisions are allowed.  Select appliances are allowed in the guest bedrooms.  This includes personal hygiene items such as shavers and hair grooming items.  Mini-refrigerators in the maximum size of 20" high x 17" wide x 19" deep are allowed at a nominal monthly fee.  An additional cleaning fee will be imposed if required.  All televisions and appliances must be approved by Penn Assisted Care before they are installed in a guest bedroom.  No space heaters, microwave ovens or other kitchen type appliances are allowed.


  • Transportation - A fee will be charged for individual or group transportation to off premises appointments, medical or otherwise.  The fee will be based on the distance traveled and staff time involvement.  This fee is exclusive of the regular scheduled free transportation provided by the home. 
  • Staff Assistance Off Premises - A fee will be charged to accompany a guest to medical or other appointment.  The amount of the fee will be based on the staff time involvement. 

Services Provided in-House by Outside Vendors

  • House Doctor - Penn Assisted Care has appointed a Doctor who has agreed to make house calls on a regular basis.  The financial agreement between the Doctor and the guest is independent of Penn Assisted Care.  The guest has the option of choosing any medical provider they so choose. 
  • Services from other independent contractors such as foot doctors, visiting nurse, physical therapists, barbers, hairdressers, etc., that provide services on premisses will be billed to the guest by that provider unless other arrangements are made and approved by Penn Assisted Care.

*A fee may be charged for any service not specifically defined as being in the base monthly fee.